5 Reasons You Should Wall Mount Your TV

Every aspect of your TV, from why you watch it to how you watch it, has advanced so much from when your mum and dad first started watching the old console. 4K smart TV’s that bring the world into your living room surpass the old black and white sets, whose grainy displays doubled as monitors for early game consoles like Atari. If your reasons are different, how you watch your TV should be just as advanced. Today, the best thing that you can do with yesterday’s floor standing relic is convert it into a fish tank (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc5mid3nQLY). Then, just maybe, it will mak

e sense to have a TV sitting on the floor. Televisions have made great strides over the last thirty years. How you incorporate these high-tech, web-connected, digital-content-streaming beauties into your viewing space should complement those advancements and create the perfect viewing experience.

Today’s flat screens are bigger than ever, colors richer, and when coupled with a virtually endless selection of content means that they are capable of actually creating an environment, not simply being a fixture in it. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to give your TV a place of prominence in your viewing space by mounting it on the wall. Not convinced? Here’s five of the best reasons to wall mount your TV.


You should wall mount your TV because it simply frees up more space in your viewing area. When you purchased your home, or rented your living space, you at some point possibly discussed cost per of a typical home. Recent assessments put the cost per square metre on the Gold Coast at $2,142. Some Gold Coast costs have risen by over 30%, in the past 12 months. Unless you and Bill Gates have secretly figured out a way to tax non-sanctioned entities, (https://qz.com/911968/bill-gates-the-robot-that-takes-your-job-should-pay-taxes/), why not wall mount your TV, and give yourself the gift of space in your home. You have paid for that space, you should take full advantage of it.


Wall mount your TV for the sake of safety. First, with a wall mounted TV, pets and small children are less likely to run into it possibly knocking it off a stand or even damaging the fragile screen. Accidents happen, even more so with small children running around in the manner which kids are naturally supposed to do. You will save money on TV replacements and vet and doctor bills by wall mounting your TV.

There’s also an ergonomic factor. Wall mounting your TV will keep your neck and eyes properly focused on your custom installation. When you wall mount your TV, you decide the proper height for optimal viewing rather than leaving it to whatever height the TV shelf is set at in your entertainment center.


In years past, our parents purchased a TV, and then needed to find a compatible console that would accept a 19” or 27” TV. There’s an extra several hundred dollars. Consoles for today’s 65” TV can easily run $700 at minimum, and it’ll take up about 1.2 square metres of living space.

Wall mounting your TV will save you the cost of an entertainment center, and free up $2,570 in living space. Paying a professional TV wall mount installer to install your TV using a standard, reusable TV wall mount will cost you just a small fraction of that.


Your world is busy and cluttered with your kids, the job, laundry, repairs and such. The more you can do to make things look cleaner, neater and ordered, the better you’ll feel. When you wall mount your TV, you can hide your wires behind, and go straight into the wall. With wireless satellite systems and computers, your 4K Smart TV will seem as if it floats freely, while accessing the world for your convenience. In addition, when you wall mount your TV, and you have your surround sound system turned on, the latest 4K imaging will give you and your family the full theatre effect when watching your favorite movie.


Finally, when you have professional TV installation service wall mount your TV, you’ll see just how simple it is to achieve the look that you’re after. Your interior design possibilities will increase. This all will add to the flattering effect to your living spaces that will make your friends envious of your style.

You should wall mount your TV at home or in the office to maximize your interactive entertainment activities. We pointed out how you can save space and money, while fully encompassing the safety potential. Wall mounting your TV will make your living space seem cleaner and attractive. Take full advantage of what wall mounting your TV offers.

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